The perfect family & fishing cross over boat.

The aim of the X-Series was to create a hull which can be a multi-use boat, allowing for comfortable days on the water with family and friends, whilst doubling as a serious off-shore fishing boat.


Max HP 115
Length 17.22ft / 5.25m
Depth 1.2m
Beam/Width 2.2m
Weight 550kg

Max HP 150
Length 18.53ft / 5.65m
Depth 1.5m
Beam/Width 2.45m
Weight 800kg

Max HP 175
Length 19.52ft / 5.95m
Depth 1.55m
Beam/Width 2.5m
Weight 900kg

Max HP 200
Length 20.83ft / 6.35m
Depth 1.55m
Beam/Width 2.5m
Weight 1,100kg