About Estuary Tracker Opens

Our Estuary Tracker Open is a standard layout version of our famous Estuary Tracker Tournament. The vessels are popular with the car topper market, or anyone looking for a super stable, slightly larger and wider beamed vessel than a car topper, but still maintaining the low horsepower performance.


Max HP 30
Length 12.8ft / 3.9m
Depth 0.75m
Beam/Width 1.8m
Weight 100kg
Seating Capacity 4

Max HP 40
Length 14.1ft / 4.3m
Depth 0.75m
Beam/Width 2m
Weight 145kg
Seating Capacity 4

Max HP 50
Length 14.4ft / 4.4m
Depth 0.9m
Beam/Width 20.5m
Weight 170kg
Seating Capacity 4