Canyon Runner

The Canyon Runner series is the latest edition to the Makocraft plate boat range – available in sizes 531, 561, 591 and 631, this range will make boating and fishing a pleasure.


Max HP 115
Length 17.55ft / 5.35m
Depth 1.4m
Beam/Width 2.4m
Weight 710kg

Max HP 140
Length 18.53ft / 5.65m
Depth 1.5m
Beam/Width 2.45m
Weight 750kg

Max HP 150
Length 19.52ft / 5.95m
Depth 1.55m
Beam/Width 2.5m
Weight 810kg

Max HP 175
Length 20.83ft / 6.35m
Depth 1.55m
Beam/Width 2.5m
Weight 865kg