The Makocraft X-Series is the brainchild of Tim Stessl, and culmination of many years of consideration and design.

To the uninitiated, these look like a tinnies made from fiberglass - shallow draft, low deadrise, medium height sides, full bowed - and you’d be right,  as this is the starting point for any good tinny. But that's where the similarities end.


If you look closer, specifically looking at the hull entry, it will reveal a very complex hull shape. The entry is an inverted 'V' flowing into a very full bow with a prominent 360-degree reverse chine. Most glass boat designers go straight for a Deep V design from bow to stern, we wanted some of that in the entry, but also wanted a super stable hull. What we ended up with is nothing short of amazing. We got the ride, we got dryness, we got the stability. Testing on day one and we were blown away.  

Low horse power planing is most boats Achilles heel, not these boats. These 4m vessel's are able to plane at 12knots with two well fed Aussie blokes and an old 9.9hp 2 stroke, yes, you read correctly - a 9.9hp.


With the latest 20hp electronic fuel injected Mercury, 4 stroke outboard it was fast, real fast - we got a class leading 26 knots to be exact (almost 50kph) with the standard aluminium propeller. Stability, if it's not class leading, is equal to the best in class with not much loss of freeboard moving around the hull. These both have good trim response so it's not an inherently wet boat. Ride is subjective to one's opinion but based on our 45 years’ experience making boats, these are the best riding 4m vessels on the market today.

Both models feature no wood = no rott for the lifetime of the boat.

Welcome to the new era of Makocraft.




A truly dedicated offshore vessel has got to be one of the toughest challenges any boat designer can ever undertake. When Tim Stessl began the hunt to find an offshore vessel for the X series, he already knew what he wanted, “I love the ride handling of the classic time proven designs”.


The X Series team will just improve upon them using modern day building techniques and materials that simply weren’t available to the original designers. By completely doing away with wood and using various different composites we are able to significantly lighten the weight of the vessel above the water line and increase the glass and resin weights below the waterline.


What you end up with is the same exceptional proven ride, a stronger hull and most importantly a lower centre of gravity. The benefits of a lower centre of gravity on the modern boat with all its electronic wizardry should not be underestimated.


The X Serries internal designs are flexible, they come standard with a full flat floor and sealed deck and enclosed battery compartment. However, should you wish to customise the vessel to suit your fishing style we can accommodate you. Casting platform modules with water proof hatches, live bait tanks, rear steps electric motor mount brackets can all be added.




X-Lite (car topper) is made from super lite, super strong space age materials and the procedure we use is the latest in resin infused technology.  By doing this we can achieve an extremely lite weight and strong 4m vessel.

Most people seeking a car toper compromise - be that stability or ride, internal space, or storage - something usually has to give to make the boat light weight. Here, we have a cartopper in the 4m range that has it all - ride and handling, cavernous storage, and not too hard on the eyes either, it really does tick all the boxes.


If the word “compromise” does not sit well, then the X-Lite was purpose built for you.




X-Max is 4m long and is targeted to toward the 4m trailer market. It's available in tiller steer, side or centre console and has all of the ride and complex design features of the X-Lite. 


It’s just not vacuum infused, it’s heavier as its uses more traditional GRP techniques, and while it is heavier than the car toper, it is not so heavy you will need a braked trailer.


The X-Max was designed in the shadow of our alloy boats, it mimics a tinny in stability and low horsepower requirements, it just rides  a lot better than a traditional V nose punt.  It is still fully customisable, like any tinny, from flooring to casting decks, fittings sounder, etc. If it can be done, we will make it happen. 


X-Max is all about you on the water having maximum fun.